Special Projects

Special Projects

Chicken Project

We have recently started our Chicken Project where our kids, with the help of Themba, one of our caregivers, learn to raise chickens at the Helping Hands premises.

The chickens raised are meant to be consumed as part of the meal supply for the home with any extras to be sold to the community to raise funds.

Tutoring Sessions At Helping Hands

Tutoring sessions have started at Helping Hands with Martin and Jeannette Harder, and Arjen and Linda Blaauw at the helm.

They have Math and English lessons on weekdays after school, with Stephen Schamrel handling the English lessons.

If you want to be involved in tutoring kids, both at the primary and high school level, kindly get in touch with us at info.hhands@gmail  or contact Jeannette Harder at 081 0680644.

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