Our Home Garden

Our Home Garden

The new boys’ home property and girls’ home property provide space to plant crops. Thus, Helping Hands plans to make use of this space to plant vegetables and other crops which can be enjoyed by the children. The harvests will be used as part of the children’s daily meals.

If you wish to be part of Our Home Garden program, you can donate seeds and/or seedlings, and tools and supplies like shovels, hand shovels, gloves, water sprinklers, and rakes. You can contact us at info.hhands@gmail.com, Mark Lonsdale.

Farming At Helping Hands

October 15, 2013- Last August 2013, Martin and Jeannette Harder of Missions4KZN started a farming program at Helping Hands based on the Foundations for Farming principles started in Zimbabwe.

The kids are not only learning the foundations of farming, how to make compost, the proper time to plant, and the practical principles behind farming, but they are also learning the biblical principles of hard work, sowing what you reap, being responsible, using their skills to be productive and being patient in their work.

Now on its third month, each kid has his or her own plot to take care of. They’ve planted lettuce, potatoes and other crops. The corn and potato plants in the main plots are looking good. Very soon, the kids will be harvesting their own crops and enjoying the fruits of their hard work. Well done to Martin and Jeannette, and to all our Helping Hands children!

Check out our Gallery page for pictures of this program.

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