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Girls’ Home

Over time, Helping Hands began to see that some of the girls where in difficult circumstances and needed housing. In 2011, Helping Hands acquired the use of a house next to the school as a home for some of the girls in desperate need.

The home was the property of a young high school girl who was orphaned and living by herself, one hundred meters from the primary school. She willingly made her house available for Helping Hands to use.

After some renovations, it became the first Helping Hands girls’ home.

Getting the girls home ready was one of our major projects in 2011.  A lot of work was done to make it a home for the five girls who moved into it later during the year.  It was an occasion for the friends and supporters of Helping Hands  to take part by giving furnitures and furnishings, beddings, curtains, kitchen utensils, and other necessities for the home.  A house mother was employed to take care of the girls.

In 2014, the Girls’ Home was moved to another location in the same area. The home is now in the same property as the Boys’ Home. Of the five dormitory units in the Helping Hands premises, two serve as the girls’ homes.

The Girls’ Home currently houses 9 girls, and two house mothers, Magdalena Thusi and Kholwani Thembekile Msane. A couple, Martin and Jeannette Harder, oversee the daily operations of the home.

The children in the homes are fed three meals and snacks a day, and are supplied their school uniforms and school stationery. We also pay for their transport to and from school.

For the year 2016, Helping Hands is very blessed to be a beneficiary of KFC’s Social Responsibility Program called Add Hope. To know more, please click link.

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