Boy Home

Boys’ Home

The first boys’ home was an old wooden classroom which we converted into a humble but comfortable boys home. It housed seven boys and a care-giver, whom Helping Hands employed to take care of them.

However, with the help of the  “induna” (chief) of the local community, who  recognised our involvement in the area,  some buildings right near the school have been made available to us since 2011.  The boys’ home property now has seven small buildings, including the kitchen and dining facility.
Developments in the new boys’ home started in the same year.  We started by levelling the land and making some ablution facilities available.  After getting the boys new beds and mattresses, the boys moved into their new home the following year.

With developments in the Helping Hands home being completed in 2015, the Helping Hands homes now have seven buildings, including the kitchen and dining facility. The buildings house both the boys and girls under the care of Helping Hands. There are separate dormitories for the boys and the girls.

At present, there are 12 boys and 9 girls.

Three caregivers – 2 females and one male- take care of the children, with a couple, Martin and Jeannette Harder overseeing and managing the daily operations at the home.

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