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Partners In Christ Visit

July 18, 2016, Author: KNNKT

Partners In Christ Visit

On Saturday, July 16, Helping Hands had special visitors from the Partners in Christ Foundation (PIC Foundation), a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to spread the word of God through working closely with children and teenagers coming from disadvanatged and underprivileged families.

They distributed new blankets, reading materials and rusk biscuits to all our children.

The group was composed of PIC Foundation board members Trevor Moodley, Kreesan Rayappan, Cohen Moonsamy, Sammy Govender, Caren Saminathan and Christine Singh. Among the PIC volunteers were Ethan Singh, Carol Saminathan, Kenneth Saminathan and Kelvin Tumoh.

Helping Hands’ trustees Andy and Kim Lund were present to welcome the group. Also present were volunteers from River Church.

We would like to thank the PIC Foundation for the visit and the many blessings.