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NCF’s Destiny Team Visits Helping Hands

November 12, 2014, Author: KNNKT

On Saturday, 8 November 2014, a group of 7 volunteers aged 18- 22 years old from NCF Church of Pietermaritzburg, visited Helping Hands, and built two swings supported by wooden poles for the children to have fun with.

The children of Helping Hands, especially the little ones, were very excited with their new swings. According to one volunteer, it may be simple swings, but they give a lot of joy to the children.

The group was led by CJ Kleinleugenmors of NCF Church’s Destiny Team, and was accompanied by Barry Hunkin, one of the church’s elders.

Destiny Team is a yearly “gap year” program with a vision “to provide young people with a focused opportunity to develop within the heart of a vibrant, Gospel centered, mission oriented local church community”. According to Barry, it is an opportunity to reveal Jesus Christ through them and in them as they serve other people.

For 2014, the program has a total of 40 participants, who have been doing volunteer work and community service in different parts of Africa, including Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. This yearly program starts in January and ends in early December.  Participants are mostly students who have decided to spend a year (commonly referred to as the gap year in South Africa) to do volunteer work before pursuing their university studies.  The program is however open to people from 18 to 30 years of age.

To know more about NCF Church’s Destiny Team Program, click here.

The group who visited Helping Hands was accommodated at Martin and Jeanette Harder’s mission center.

On their last night, a braai was hosted by Helping Hands’ trustee Andy Lund and wife Kim, with some members of River Church also in attendance.