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Jungle Gym Building With Logos Hope

May 9, 2016, Author: KNNKT

Jungle Gym Building With Logos Hope

On Saturday, May 7, the Logos Hope team came to Helping Hands to help build a jungle gym at the home’s premises.

Together with volunteers from River Church International and Missions4KZN, and our bigger boys at the home, the group worked hard mixing cement, digging holes, putting up wooden poles and drilling holes on the poles to build the structure.

By the end of the day, the jungle gym was almost finished, with only some of the accessories like the rope ladder, to be added in.

Apart from building the jungle gym, Logos Hope also donated water filtration buckets to the home.

Helping Hands would like to extend their appreciation and gratitude to the Logos Hope team and to all those who donated their time and resources to make this project a success.