Helping Hands Newsletter 2016 #3

October 20, 2016, Author: KNNKT

BE THANKFUL Author: Anonymous

Be thankful for home
Be thankful for food
Be thankful for birds that fly

Be thankful for sleep
Be thankful for flowers
Be thankful for clouds in the sky.

Be thankful for friends
Be thankful for rain
And the rainbows that follow close by.

We are indeed so thankful for all of above and more. We continue to be thankful for all the blessings that have come our way these past months and would like to share them with you.

It is amazing to know that we are not walking this journey alone, and that there are so many wonderful and generous people who share the same passion we have to make things better for the children in our care.

Water Borehole At Helping Hands

We were so blessed to receive a very generous donation of 6263.15 Euros (about R100,000) from primary school De Zonnewijzer in the Netherlands towards our water borehole project.

In August, we started drilling the ground and found a very good source of water at the Helping Hands premises. With this borehole, the home now has a consistent supply of water, which we are able to share with the community as well.

Visitors To Helping Hands

The past few months, we had the pleasure of welcoming some special people at Helping Hands who spent time with the children and who left blessings in the form of donations in cash and kind and some repair work done in the children’s home.

Partners in Christ Visit



In July, Helping Hands had special visitors from the Partners in Christ Foundation (PIC Foundation), a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to spread the word of God through working closely with children and teenagers coming from disadvanatged and underprivileged families.
They distributed new blankets, reading materials and cereal bars to all our children.
To read full article about the PIC visit, click here. To view the PIC Visit gallery, click here.
Visitors from Canada

In August, we had a group of 8 people from Canada led by Michelle Mandzuk-Reda who visited Helping Hands and spent time with the children and left a generous cash donation from Fellowship Church of Ontario, Canada and school supplies for the children.

Visitors from Mozambique

In September, we had a group of about 40 school children (45 including adults accompanying them) from Mozambique, organized by Eco Knowledge Tours led by Odette Ahlers, who came to plant fruit trees at the Helping Hands premises, provided painting materials and repainted the kitchen and some of the units, and repaired broken window panes.  They also donated clothing for the children.

We wish to thank all these wonderful people who willingly spent their time and resources for our children and for the Helping Hands home.


Seven year old Ntombizakhona Mthethwa is the latest addition to the children sponsored under our Sponsor-A-Child program. To know more about this program, click here. To sponsor a child, email us at

Christmas In November 2016

It’s that time of year again when we share the joy of gift-giving and have our children enjoy the day with early Christmas gifts and treats.  This year’s Christmas in November party will be at Ocean Basket, St Lucia on November 18 at 4PM.  If you are interested to be part of our Christmas program by donating gifts either in cash or kind towards the party or to sponsor a child’s gift box, kindly get in touch with us at