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Christmas In November 2015

November 21, 2015, Author: KNNKT

On Thursday, November 19, Helping Hands had its Christmas in November party.

The event started at the Helping Hands’ home with a sharing from Sharon Groom about what Christmas was all about. From there, the group went to St Lucia where the kids had some fun time at the main beach.

After spending time at the beach, the group proceeded to Wimpy, St Lucia, where the children were treated to burgers, chips and ice cream sponsored by Wimpy.

After a delicious meal, the group went back to the Helping Hands’ homes where gifts were given out to each child.

It was a great day and much fun was had by all.

We wish to thank everyone who took time off to spend this special time with us- all the volunteers and guests. Special thanks to Carmen Badenhorst and Wimpy, St Lucia for sponsoring the kids’ meals.

We also wish to thank everyone who sponsored a gift package and who donated other gifts and giveaways for the children. Special thanks to Mtuba Build It, Angus Waller and Ringomode, and members of River Church International.

Above all, we wish to thank our Heavenly Father for sending us all the generous people who made all these possible and who really made the children feel special. Jesus indeed loves all these children.