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Building Project Update

August 24, 2015, Author: KNNKT

In July, a group of young volunteers from the Netherlands led by Karsten van Loon worked on the buildings at Helping Hands. The group was managed and organized by Martin and Jeanette Harder of Missions4KZN.

Starting on the 16th of July, the group worked daily for almost 3 weeks putting up the brick walls, making the wooden doors, framing the doors, windows and roof of the buildings. By the time they left, most of the dormitory and kitchen extension walls and floors were built.

On the weekend of August 14 to 16, another group of volunteers from NCF’s Destiny Team came to do more work on the buildings. They painted the doors and some of the walls and put up the roof in the dormitory building.

Members of River Church International also helped in the building project together with the two groups of volunteers.

Helping Hands is indeed blessed to have these volunteer groups come and help build the new facilities for the children.